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Event: Boston Sargam's Musical Event
Date & Time: Sunday, April 16, 2023
Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: Boyle O'Reilly Hall
17 Willow Street
Westborough MA 01581

Boston Sargam Organizes Musical Event to Mark Baisakhi 2023

Boston Sargam is back in action and is now organizing a special musical event to mark Baisakhi 2023. Thanks to the brilliant scientists who meticulously developed the highly effective corona virus vaccines, we are now in a position to socialize and celebrate with enormous zeal and splendor! The special Baisakhi musical event will be held on April 16, 2023. Local artists will get a wonderful opportunity to share their love for art and music with the ever-enthusiastic Boston Sargam audience.
This special event has been organized to celebrate Baisakhi celebration of the spring harvest and the perfect occasion to pay our sincere tributes to India's sacred rivers (Ganga, Jhelum, and Kaveri). Baisakhi is a great time to come together and celebrate festively. Budding artists will get an opportunity to sing songs of their choice and/or showcase their Shayari talent in front of a small informal audience. It will be a great opportunity to lift each other's spirits and to mark the beginning of a new era.
This musical evening would provide participants and audiences with a unique opportunity to explore their passion for art and music in a joyous, festive, and invigorating environment. Let's get together this Baisakhi to boost our self-confidence, engage with others, and celebrate art and music in a social setting. This musical event is open to people of all age groups and is expected to provide a fantastic platform to budding artists and an artistic delight to the attending audiences.
Boston Sargam's musical event for Baisakhi 2023 will be held at John Boyle O'Reilly Hall, Knights of Columbus in Westborough, Massachusetts. This venue provides round table sitting for up to 168 people. The 2,600 sq. ft. campus includes free parking, podium, microphone/sound systems, as well as Wi-Fi and bluetooth capabilities. DJ Tej Singh will be setting up an independent music system for all participating singers.
Boston Sargam looks forward to welcoming you at the special Baisakhi musical event on April 16, 2023. Please call 508-845-0047 or email info@bostonsargam.com for further details.
Boston Sargam is cultural organization, in partnership with people like you, with an objective to facilitate, showcase & uplift art, dance, music, comedy & all exceptional talent expressions of the South Asian Community to greater levels.

Boston Sargam is proud to present great events for you with the help of group of committee members who have passion, respect for the art and are devoted to making professional production from the planning to the implementation of shows. We also hope to increase the number of opportunities and bring together like-minded artists, choreographers, participants, performers and administrators for presenting great musical/dance events.